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domestic and commercial carpet cleaning services

Carpet cleaners in Dundee

  Whether you need your carpets cleaned due to dirt and grime, pet accidents, children’s food spillages, muddy feet or just general maintenance we have the package for you!   Professional carpet cleaners you can trust!
Highly trained, highly skilled, highly knowledgeable!
  With our top equipment, training, experience & solutions, it only takes us an hour or two to get your carpets cleaned!  We bring our own water & we take away the dirty water. We don't really need your electric as most of our equipment is powered from the van. (we carry 400 feet of hose) and we leave your carpets touch damp,they should be dry by around 4 hours time.
Carpet cleaning Dundee - 01382 680086

Dundee carpet cleaning service

carpet cleaning service

Carpet cleaning Dundee use high power industrial carpet cleaning machines and cleaning solutions recommended by carpet manufacturers and insurers. Domestic carpet cleaning or commercial, we are fully insured for both.
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Dundee upholstery cleaning service

upholstery cleaning service

Carpet cleaning Dundee supplies an upholstery cleaning service in Dundee for your home or office. We use specialist equipment that is low moisture and air moving technology to help get your soft furnishings dryer quicker. We don't just go over your items with a machine, most of the cleaning process is done by hand! When we clean a sofa - we clean it completely, correctly and leave it clean & fresh as ever.
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carpet cleaning service

insect pest control

Do you have carpet beetles or moths in your carpets or wierd looking little larvae/bug things, then your carpet has an infestation and will require insect pest treatment. Using our specialist insecticide treatment system can get rid of this and can cost as little as just £50. Booking this as soon as you see an infestation is incredibly important to stop it spreading.
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Domestic & Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services:
Carpet cleaning Dundee - 01382 680086

domestic and commercial cleaning services

Dundee carpet & upholstery cleaning services:

Our staff are more than just carpet cleaners. They are fully trained in carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning,hard floor cleaning and are licensed in textile insect pest control. - Dundee carpet cleaners - 01382 680086

  • Domestic & commercial carpet cleaning services
  • Infection Control.
  • Textile insect pest control.
  • Allergy prevention carpet cleaning.
  • Blood & body fluid cleaning.
  • Sofa cleaning.
  • Stain treatment.
  • Stain protection.

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carpet beetles, moths & larvae

Carpet beetles, moths and larvae are quite common in carpets in Dundee. It doesn't mean your home is dirty, it just means you need insect pest treatment. Larvae will eat your carpet fibres so book a treatment as soon as you see any.
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commercial cleaning services

Commercial Cleaning Services

No job is too small for our team of trained, experienced and friendly staff. Our team will work at a time to suit you, whether in an office, business premises or factory. Contract carpet & upholstery cleaning is available in all industry sectors 7 days a week.
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Carpet cleaning in Dundee

We don't mess around when it comes to cleaning your carpets. We use the best carpet cleaner machines, the best carpet cleaning solutions and we can provide alternative carpet cleaning services like dry carpet cleaning in Dundee.
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